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Fourier on Pictures

Deconvolution on Pictures

Mandelbrot (in three dim.)

Download Prime Calculator
Shows the primes a number is made of

Download Knights.exe

How to reach every field of a chess board with Knights jumps

Download Queens.exe

How to put 8 Queens on a chess board, in a way that they can't caputure one another

Download Sudoku.exe

Solve a Sudoku puzzle

Download Rubics Cube Program
Allows you to manipulate Rubics Cube

Download Residual Gas Analyzer Aid
If you know the mass of an ion but not the composition this progam can give you some suggestions. This program knows the isotope distribution, and will give the mass distrubution according to that. Warning: this program has no chemical knowledge.
Download ElementData.Txt
This data file is not needed for common use of the program. However if you use an uncommon isotope distribution you can edit this file accordingly and load it in the program (in "options"). This version 2.2 uses a different format for ElementsUsed.dat, please delete the old version of ElementsUsed.dat before using the new version of RGAnalyse.

Download Picture Mod
For the follwoing operations:
- As a filter to make a black and white picture
- As a filter to make 256 grey shades
- Modify tilt
- Filter colours
- Magnify/demagnify (bit more sophisticated than most programs)
- Input/output .bmp .jpg, or copy/paste