Jpeg / Jpg
I made a most simple application that can read and write Jpeg / Jpg format files. I used the Jpeg lib from "The Independent JPEG Group's JPEG software, version 9b" It can also read and write 1, 4, 8 and 24 bits per color BMP files. All these formats are internally converted into 3 bytes per color to be used in HBITMAP. The only changes that I made to the .c files from the Independent Jpeg Group were renaming them to .cpp and adding "#include "stdafx.h" "for the standard import. Drag and drop works. The source code and all work space files are included in the zip file below (2MB). The Jpeg related files are grouped in the "Jpeg cpp" and "Jpeg H" folders. Two files are added to the lib: JpegLibWrap.cpp and JpegLibWrap.h these contain the final read and write Jpeg functions. Since I could not find something like this, I made it myself and made it available. Have fun. Make sure to get the directories right, the lib (directory "lib") and the Visual C++ workspace (directory "JpegTest"). Bug found and fixed in "JpegLibWrap.cpp" Nov 2018.

Download Jpeg and lib application zip file with source code for Visual C++ and MFC (The strange extension is needed to fool the bot which deletes zip files. Lousy host service, sorry about that.)